Crystal Stokes’ life philosophy is centered on the principle of ‘self-awareness’, and with this she empowers driven women to integrate their success with physical and psychological resilience and interconnected relationships by “catalyzing self-mastery”.

Having successfully worked as a psychology and wellness counselor, consultant and coach in Silicon Valley and throughout Europe, Crystal makes resilience and confidence building simple and achievable. She works almost exclusively with driven women who are ready to “catalyze self-mastery” and take their life to the next level.

Through the power of psychology, nutrition, and fitness, Crystal equips driven women to embrace good old-fashioned self-exploration with her live workshops and retreats across the world.

With more driven women than ever before, Crystal believes the self-awareness journey is “truly a hero’s journey” and has worked to foster a community of driven women who are active explorers of their inner worlds.

Crystal currently lives in the paradise known as Santa Barbara, California where she practices exactly what she teaches: rejuvenating time in nature (hello ocean, mountains, and starry nights!), amazing farmer’s market meals, fulfilling and meaningful work, a hearty self-care and personal growth practice, and ample time with the people and animals she loves.




To empower and equip driven women globally to live with more confidence, health, vitality, and connection; and to enable them to have the impact on the world they were created to have.

Crystal Stokes, M.A.


A former military officer, NASA scientist, non-profit and for-profit entrepreneur, and logistics company CEO, Florian has worked with a variety of people and teams in the government, business, university and start-up world. 

Florian handles all aspects of back-end business operation as well as joins selected workshops and group meetings to help bridge the gap between the hard-edge business and the soft-edge psychology world.

Florian Selch