About Crystal


Hailing from the southern US, Crystal developed her robust and rugged connection to nature, love of physical exertion, and insatiable hunger for knowledge. At NC State University, she gained her BS in wildlife conservation with a pre-med concentration. Balancing academic pursuits with fun, she performed in community and university orchestras and sports teams, including rugby and field hockey. In 2001, Crystal traveled to Europe with the NCSU wind ensemble, playing in six different countries.

During these years, Crystal engaged in passion-filled work on islands and tropical locations (Costa Rica, Bahamas…) saving the world one critter at a time (sea turtles, parrots…). Leaving home at age 16, she diligently worked an eclectic assortment of jobs as an emergency veterinary technician, barista, personal assistant, bartender, and computer science lab instructor, to name a few. Heavy work and class loads were balanced with backpacking trips through the Appalachian Mountains and Canada.

Crystal’s love of all things wild led her to working with the most complex animal of all. Humans. Following the completion of her BS degree, she worked extensively with the human body as a physical therapy technician and elite level personal trainer. She specialized in bridging the gap between physical therapy and high-level fitness by working with extremely driven clients experiencing major challenges such as multiple sclerosis, neurological damage and paralysis, and cancer. Helping clients achieve and surpass their goals of physical performance filled her life with light and love. Despite deep gratification from this work, she wanted to know more – take it to the next level.

What makes humans tick? She needed to add elements of the mind, heart, and spirit to go to the next level in helping clients. Enter California. A childhood-dream-come-true, Crystal jettisoned across the country to embark on a new adventure: Grad school – a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Here she got exactly what she was looking for. A comprehensive program and internship that deepened her understanding of human behavior beyond her highest expectations. Working in a very intense and high-stakes in-patient psychotherapy treatment center, Crystal encountered all levels of “illness” and hardship. In the trenches of mental health treatment, she learned to fine-tune her instincts and abilities of observation to move a client from a place of deep pain and hopelessness to one of willingness and energy for life.

During these years of pivotal work, Crystal also saw the impact of demands and over-work on the top performers of Silicon Valley. Shifting focus away from the treatment of mental illness, Crystal dove into counseling highly productive, stressed-out individuals ranging from super-woman stay-at-home-moms to CEOs and blooming entrepreneurs. Combining body focused health + fitness with mental + emotional resilience training, Crystal realized she was on to something.

Clients were performing more effectively and feeling better faster.

In 2012, her work took her to Vienna, Austria where she became immersed in the start-up and investor scene. Vienna comprised a totally new culture and way of interacting in the world, bringing together people from all over the globe. Crystal sharpened her ability to adapt and respond to a broader array of situations, demands, and cultural beliefs. California called her name once again, and in February 2015, she returned to Santa Barbara. Here, the refined process took shape to create a catalyst approach: focused bursts of assistance to highly driven clients who demand change from their current stuck-ness. Crystal sees clients in person and globally with the tools such as Skype. 

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Crystal Stokes, M.A.

About Florian

A former military officer, NASA scientist, non-profit and for-profit entrepreneur, and logistics company CEO, Florian has worked with a variety of teams in the government, business, university and start-up world. 

Florian is adding his experience to the business strategy and operation of YOUR NATURE as well as joins selected workshops and group meetings to help bridge the gap between the hard-edge business and the soft-edge psychology world.

Florian Selch