Crystal has been hosting interactive, action-oriented, and fun mini-workshops, luncheons, and talks all over California and Europe.

She has spoken at universities (e.g. UC Santa Barbara, SBCC,…), at sororities, at professional associations (e.g. CPA and law societies), for venture capital groups (e.g. Speedinvest,…), at start-up hubs (e.g. ImpactHub, Sektor 5,…), at fitness centers (e.g. Gravitas, Equinox,…), in addition to numerous other companies.

These initial mini-workshops and luncheons have been very well received as a way of introduction and awareness-building – often times resulting in individuals and companies wanting to learn more and reconnect.

Crystal is also a mental health advocate leading multiple groups a week at a mental health treatment center and providing ongoing talks about many aspects of mental and physical wellness.

Crystal synthesizes Eastern and Western elements from psychology, functional fitness, holistic nutrition, Eastern health and philosophy, wildlife conservation, and mindfulness to catalyze breakthroughs in redefining freedom.

These methods stem from her Master’s in Counseling Psychology, Bachelor’s in Wildlife Biology and Conservation, and 15+ years experience as an ACE Certified Medical Exercise and Holistic Nutrition Specialist.

Crystal Stokes, M.A.

Crystal Stokes, M.A.

Founder & Master Coach

Redefining Freedom

Popular talk/workshop topics include:


How to Identify & Overcome Burnout

Why stress/burnout sabotages our mental and body health and what to do about it.

The Power of Knowing Your (And Other Peoples’) Personality 

How to communicate better, make conflicts constructive, and know what’s going on in other people’s heads.


5 Body Sabotaging Behaviors You Must Avoid To Reach Your Better Body Goals

How to stop body-sabotaging behaviors, design a health-based life style, end body image issues, make peace with food, and achieve your healthiest weight – sustainably!



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