What’s Causing You to Burn Out?


Let’s find out!


Many of us live successful lives but still feel anxious, stressed, or burned out. Why?

As a child you knew what you needed to feel content and happy – you were aligned with YOUR NATURE!

But then you grew up…

You make “all the right choices” but are still left feeling pain.

Anxiety, stress and burnout are messengers guiding you to challenge your lifestyle, fitness and health choices.

We show you how to decode these messages, catalyze your self-mastery and realign YOUR NATURE!


From busy achievers to bold dreamers, we all crave a fulfilling career, authentic relationships, a body we love and overall purpose in life. Discover the different ways you can get started:

Join an Upcoming Talk or Workshop

Our talks and workshops are highly engaging, entertaining and inspiring – you will learn tools that you can apply right away!

Check out the list of upcoming events to the right or go to our Workshop page.

Contact us for speaking requests at your company or organization.

Self-Mastery with Psychology Tools

The Enneagram Personality Typing System is one of my favorite psychology tools for realigning with YOUR NATURE. 

Take my free test, discover your type and the impact it has on your daily interactions and decision making!

Learn more about 1-on-1 Sessions

1-on-1 sessions serve as a most effective and confidential approach to relieving burnout, stress and frustrations.

We will pick from a number of different body as well as psychology tools to realign YOUR NATURE and re-invigorating your sense of purpose and positive energy! 


A YOUR NATURE package outlines a 3-months, 6-months or 12-months structure with specific work modules and goals we are planning to achieve together. 


9/19/2017 Talk at Mark Coffin Law Office

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10/10/2017 Talk at the Business Fraternity UCSB

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6/21/2017 Talk at SB Legal Association

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5/13/2017 Gravitas Women's Group

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5/15/2017 PI BETA PHI Sorority Workshop

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5/18/2017 Gravitas Enneagram Talk

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Crystal Stokes, M.A.

Psychology M.A.
Medical Exercise + Nutrition Specialist
DNAFit Certified
YOUR NATURE combines Eastern and Western methods founded in psychotherapy, functional fitness, holistic nutrition, consciousness, and mindfulness to catalyze clients towards awareness and intentional action.
We know exactly what we need to do in order to live the life we truly want. We may simply need support and guidance in tuning in and taking action. It is in our nature to be fit, healthy, productive, bonded and playful. 
YOUR NATURE’s mission is to support the integration of internal and external knowledge, so we will have more energy and freedom to change to the world around us – in our families, communities, vocation, and environment.