Catalyzing Intentional Action through Awareness for Lasting Results

Our Mission


Spark My Journey guides people to become aware of their innate wisdom about their body, emotions and daily decision making, learn to trust those inner signals, and intentionally act upon them towards living a fulfilled and content life.

Our Journey


We know what we want in life. Health, success, love, purpose, adventure, and more.

Yet we often fail to make the necessary changes, the changes don’t last, or we don’t even know where to start.

Lasting change, whether it be creating a body you love, building a fulfilling career, or finding the relationships you crave, primarily requires selfawareness and acknowledgement of your inner signals in addition to external information and guidance.
This awareness will spark deliberate and intentional action to create the life you seek.

Crystal Stokes, M.A.

Psychology M.A.
Medical Exercise + Nutrition Specialist
DNAFit Certified
The Spark My Journey offerings combine eastern and western methods founded in psychotherapy, functional fitness, holistic nutrition, consciousness, and mindfulness to spark your journey towards awareness and intentional action.
You know exactly what you need to do in order to live the life you truly want. You may simply need support and guidance in tuning in and acting on your inner signals. It is in your nature to be fit, healthy, productive, bonded and playful. 
It is my mission to guide your integration of internal and external knowledge, so you will have more energy and freedom to change to the world around you – in your family,community, vocation, and environment.