QUIZ: Discover Your #1 Body Sabotaging Behavior You Must Avoid To Reach Your Better Body Goals!


Psychology M.A. | Medical Exercise + Nutrition Specialist | DNAFit Certified


Crystal Stokes, M.A.


Crystal synthesizes Eastern and Western elements from psychology, functional fitness, holistic nutrition, Eastern health and philosophy, wildlife conservation, and mindfulness to catalyze breakthroughs in redefining freedom.
These methods stem from her Master’s in Counseling Psychology, Bachelor’s in Wildlife Biology and Conservation, and 15+ years experience as an ACE Certified Medical Exercise and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.
Crystal unleashes freedom in clients around the world via her online programs, talks, workshops, retreats, and one-on-one sessions.


Based on feedback of 100s of bold, brazen, amazing women

We  sacrifice our bodies, health, relationships, self-care, mental fortitude, and peace of mind in the name of success. So often we achieve financial freedom yet lack the health, relationships, or mental bandwidth to enjoy it. Instead, we feel anxious, burned out, scattered or depressed. Our relationships are neglected and deep down we yearn for more connection and love. And despite our best efforts to stay healthy, our bodies are often a source of annoyance, pain or shame.

This is NOT the picture of freedom that we had in mind!

What We Want

  • Strong bonds, friendships, community, tribe 85%
  • Purpose-filled work & balanced personal life 65%
  • Presence & time with people I care about 45%
  • Rock solid health and a body I love 40%

What Holds Us Back

Listen How Erica Has Redefined Her Freedom



Is living in a body that you love, that is healthy, beautiful, strong, and comfortable.


Is having the energy and capacity to build nourishing connections and to truly be present to those you love.


Is giving yourself permission to care for yourself as you’d care for your very best friend or child; to allow for naps, to cry or yell when needed, to know when to take a break or have a meal.


Is a mind that is calm, focused, and well rested.


Is having the ability to fully enjoy the success and financial freedom that you’ve worked so hard for.


True freedom is multifaceted and integrative. It takes more than hard work and hustle. Freedom takes heart and soul, courage and presence. It requires commitment, clear boundaries, and a fearlessness in defining and sticking to your path.


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Your #1 Body-Sabotager


Uncover 5 Body-Sabotaging Behaviors You Must Avoid To Reach Your Better Body Goals.

In Under 5 Minutes Discover:

  • Your #1 Body-Sabotaging Behavior
  • WHY and HOW each behavior is sabotaging your weight loss efforts.
  • What to do FIRST to deal with each behavior!
  • Hint: The secret to lasting weight loss is NOT dieting and restricting calories…

Have Fun!

Breaking The Weight-Loss-Gain Cycle 


When we have trouble with our weight, feel frustrated and confused about nutrition and exercise, or lack confidence in how we look, we try to fix these issues with broken methods; trying a new diet, exercising more, working harder, and trying to feel in control.

In this webclass, Crystal explains why diets and exercises are keeping us stuck and frustrated and how to break out of this vicious cycle!

Having suffered from most of these challenges herself, Crystal speaks from her own experience as well as shares advice based on her Masters in Psychology and 15+ years experience as a certified medical exercise and fitness nutrition specialist. 



Crystal has been hosting interactive, action-oriented, and fun mini-workshops, luncheons, and talks all over California and Europe.

She has spoken at universities (e.g. UC Santa Barbara, SBCC,…), at sororities, at professional associations (e.g. CPA and law societies), for venture capital groups (e.g. Speedinvest,…), at start-up hubs (e.g. ImpactHub, Sektor 5,…), at fitness centers (e.g. Gravitas, Equinox,…), in addition to numerous other companies.

Her presentations are always interactive, engaging and fun to ensure everyone learns valuable lessons that they can be applied immediately!

Popular Redefining Freedom talk and workshop topics are listed on our Speaking Page.


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    It is my mission to equip Ambitious Women (and Men) globally with the ability to create a transformative and empowering relationship with their body, mind, food, and fitness and to enable them to TRULY LOVE THEIR BODIES and have an amazing impact on the world.


    Disclaimer: The services of Crystal Stokes are not considered psychotherapy but psychology coaching. Crystal holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology and is a registered MFTI.